If you purchased the ipTime router in Korea, ipTime doesn't support English menus for the domestic products. I've asked them for the English manual at least, but the cs guy kept repeating saying that the products overseas are different from the ones being sold domestic.

Ok, Here's  how you do the settings for Port/Forwarding on ipTime N604R.

  1. General Settings
    1. System Info
    2. Internet Connection Settings
    3. Wifi Settings/Security
    4. Firmware Upgrade
  2. Advanced Settings
    1. Network Management
    2. WiFi LAN Management
    3. NAT/Router Management
      1. Port/Forwarding Settings
      2. DMZ/Twin IP Settings
      3. Port Trigger Settings
      4. ETC Function Settings
      5. Routing Table management
    4. Security Settings
    5. Special Settings
    6. Traffic Management
    7. System Management
  1. List of Protocols : [dropbox: https etc]  Protocol Name: ()
  2. Internal IP Address : 192.068.0.() [checkbox] set as the current ip address (
  3. Protocol : [dropbox: TCP,UDP..] Outer Port : ()~() Inner Port: ()~()
  4. Max 60 Protocols you can add.   [button:Add] [Button: Cancel]


I'll try to upload more settings in English

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